Is the Discord logo allowed to be used in-game (using PolicyService)

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I want to know if I can use the upload the Discord logo for a social link section of my game that will only be shown to users that are allowed to (via: PolicyService | Roblox Creator Documentation)

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I am worried that I will get a warning or a ban by moderation for uploading such icon.

  1. What solutions have you thought of so far?

I may have to make the icon out of frames :grimacing: and only send the frames to users that are allowed to see the icon.


I suggest trying to look for a decal with the discord icon, and if you can’t find one, you can make a dummy account and try to upload and wait a while. If it works you should be able to use it but if it doesn’t then I don’t think a decal would help.

From experience, I uploaded the discord logo about 2 years ago and got a warning for inappropriate content. I don’t know if the terms of service have changed since but from that scenario I wouldn’t recommend it.

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I would, but since Roblox filters ‘Discord’, you can’t search for it in the toolbox.

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I don’t think so, since you might be able to use PolicyService in-game, but it doesn’t stop <13 users from browsing the library or your inventory if public and finding the image.


Yeah that is what I was thinking, it’s the reason why I asked this. It’s kind of silly that Roblox still shows asset pages for not free assets, meaning we really can’t make use of PolicyService. :neutral_face:


Try words that are used as codes for it. Such as dizzy, disgourd, Dizzycord, disco. Any of those could help.

Sadly, all of them get filtered except dizzy and disco but they appear as pictures of people dizzy and disco balls.

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Can’t he just turn off allow copying or whatever?

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Sadly, the image will still appear on site (if they guess the ID) and there is no option to disable it.

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so is there a way to put it in our games or no?

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