Is the Feature Request Forum even ever used?

I’ve looked back to the end, and have only seen a couple of the things been implemented. The things that have been implemented were either things ROBLOX had already been working on, or things tons of people asked for on regular ROBLOX. There isn’t really much employee confirmation in the Feature Request Forum, even when that seems like the most likely place for ROBLOX engineers to post, so it might seem like the Feature Request Forum isn’t even being used to some people, and that it’s just a spam-free place engineers can look to for ideas whenever they don’t know what to work on, instead of something engineers base their development off of to assist developers.

It would be really nice if we could get an employee response on some, if not most, of the threads in there stating that they at least saw it, and a rating on a scale of 0-10 of how important it is (0 being the suggestion is “FREE ROBUX FOR ALL”.) I’m sure ROBLOX has a queue for things they’d like to add, but since we don’t have access to this queue, it can seem like most of the posts in there are ignored. Also, can we have some sort of a section here that lists what is being worked on? Off the top of my head, I can think of CSG, 100-player servers, loading GUIs, and a better sound system (not sure on this one though – it’s been a while.), but there could be more that I’m not aware of. We’re all developers here – we’re aware that giving out features early can get users’ hopes up and depress them when a feature is cut. However, we aren’t just users – we’re developers, and we understand that things need to be cut sometimes. Additionally, I tried the same sort of thing, and it had awesome results. Simple, regular users loved me for just adding a simple update board telling them what I was working on, and because they liked me so much, they didn’t even care if I cut features here and there – they were just glad that I was communicating with them.

I’d also like more feedback on the bug reports forum, and more feedback on stuff that we request feedback on in general (what’s going on with the loading gui?).

I really appreciate that we have a place like this where we can interact with the admins but it feels like selective interaction. At the very least, when we request interaction, they could say they won’t talk about it instead of just leaving us completely in the dark.

i kinda like the fact that its silent cus then i can convince myself they agree with everyword i say1!!