Is the mobile size limit for place or complete game?

Hello All,

I came across a thread a few months back that said there is a size limit for mobile users of 12mb. I was hoping to then break up activities/lands into different places.

Would this satisfy the mobile limits or is the limit for the total of all places/levels inside a game?


Roblox treats these instances (Places within a Game) as separate to loading. So it’s actually very wise to use them if your game’s mechanic/gameplay/design can afford to. A Place will only load if the player is accessing it, leaving the rest of the Game not impacting performance.

In fact, just about every game you play that has a load screen (on Roblox or otherwise) is essentially doing this.

Additionally the memory use limit for mobile is much higher than 12mb (which for reference, is incredibly small).

Your limit is somewhere between 600-800mb, HOWEVER memory use is different for every game and every device, so the only way to know for sure is to test it and see if it runs as smooth as you want.


Good to know thank you. What I mean is the download size of each place. RAM also needs tuning, I know. This was a post I saw about download size. My concern is terrain alone gave me a 4mb rbxl file.

Your RBLX file size is pretty much irrelevant, as some information is always hosted on Roblox (Unions, Decals, etc.) and so isnt saved to your computer. You want to use the developer console in game and check that ‘Client Memory Usage’ is below about 800mb for good mobile performance. This recommendation is per place.


Thank you. Perhaps this was an old or erroneous limitation I saw.

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