Is the moderation system wrong or is it my problem?

today he just uploaded a photo to roblox:

and they banned my account until tomorrow just for that

  • that’s fair
  • that is not fair
  • I should be unbanned immediately

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Sorry to say it but the Ban was pretty fair, the image you uploaded has:
A skull
A knife going trough the skull
Blood getting out of the skull because the knife was “punched” into the skull

Not that Family Friendly

It’s a kitchen dish that someone is cutting it and pouring tomato sauce on it

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The truth is true, but when I uploaded the file I deleted it from my game because it was only to test a page that removed the background of the images

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In conclusion, even if your game is for people over 13 or 17, the moderation system will always interfere, go to Unity


Honestly, Roblox has far worse content, but this is still inappropriate. Would you want to be 7 years old logging on to a game and seeing this?

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