Is the new RDC category visible to new members?

New members are probably interested in attending RDC(When i attended rdc last year, I wasn’t even in the devforum :yum: ).

Wondering if they can see this subsection as many of them are not rich off roblox game development or otherwise, and would probably be interested in room sharing threads and ride sharing threads in-order to attend RDC.


No, any category with a lock symbol is closed to the general public.

I can see why, since you might not want some unsavory characters being able to figure out where you’ll be at a particular time.

But is it visible to new members? Inception has a lock on it, but they can see and post in it.

Oh, new members. I missed that bit, sorry.
I don’t think there’s a way to tell without asking an admin. @Nightgaladeld?

We granted the new Member role set access to the category. Invites will be sent out by waves in order to ensure smooth sailing of the ticket purchases. Which means it will take a while until everyone receives the email invite :wink: