Is the rule banning syringes and pills still in effect?

A day ago I reviewed the rules of the community and in general all the rules of Roblox after I noticed that the old rule banning pills and syringes was changed (many rules were changed) and I had a question whether it was allowed to use this content that many people wanted in games, I am personally glad if it is, because it opens up many opportunities for RP projects with medicine.

Maybe I didn’t notice it and missed this rule, who can check and if you find this rule, give me a link and a screenshot of the rule.

It’s also an old rule that used to be:

Community Standards doesn’t directly reference pills and syringes anymore, but it does have this list:

We prohibit users from discussing, depicting, or promoting illegal and some regulated goods. You also may not discuss engaging in illegal activities in the real world or encourage others to engage in such behavior, or engage in or promote these activities on the platform. These goods and activities include:

  • Illegal and regulated drugs, including marijuana and the misuse of prescription or over the counter drugs
  • Drug, tobacco, vaping, or other smoking paraphernalia
  • Dietary supplements and enhancers such as weight loss pills and steroids
  • Depictions of intoxicated behavior associated with consuming alcohol or drugs
  • Bomb/explosive and weapon-making instructions or schematics in the real world
  • Realistic modern firearms outside of in-experience items
  • On-platform contests where Robux or anything else of value is offered as a prize
  • Sweepstakes-style games

Besides that, nothing mentions it being against the rules. I think it’s fine as long as, like that list mentioned, you don’t allow “misuse of prescription or over the counter drugs” or “Depictions of intoxicated behavior associated with consuming alcohol or drugs”

I agree with the rule about drug and alcohol abuse, they were there before, but still, if the ban has been lifted, it already gives a lot of opportunities (I condemn those who think about drugs) in medical content, you can make a lot of interesting story games or role-playing projects!

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Yeah, like I said as long as you make sure that you don’t even get close to breaking the rules in that list you should be perfectly fine.

But it’s still doubtful that it’s fully permitted, although I don’t remember any projects being banned for using syringes recently.

Pretty sure even the highlighted section you showed only prohibits ‘representing drug paraphernalia or drug use’ and would allow medical games since they wouldn’t cross that line.

Hmm… the old rule was very controversial, because you can now find many such questions from the old days “Are syringes allowed in Roblox?”, most of the answers had a specific answer “no”, because it restricted it completely.

Currently, this rule no longer exists…

Soooo… yea…

If you mean in the general sense to create a game about medicine, then yes, you can, but the content, for example, taking blood for analysis, was limited by this rule, even EpiPens were banned.