Is >= / <= the same to > / <

I’ve seen people use > and < recently and I was like, That’s a thing? I only use >= / <= do they have any differences?

Yes or no?
  • Yes
  • No

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Yes, > means greater than, < means less than, >= means greater than OR equal, <= means less than OR equal.

EDIT, sorry, I was meant to say they DO have differences.


Ooh, then that’s why I was so confused in 2019 about that lol

I’ve only recently came back to coding kind of forgot everything; but now I’m better I just didn’t realise what the differences were here lol

I legit used to do (2 - 1) <= 2 to make it only for actually greater.

I’ve edited my message a little.

Yeah i noticed lol btw can i message you about something (it was about if statements but nvm)

Unless it’s off topic, then okay.

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