Is the UGC program closed or still open?

Hello developers,

I applied for the Roblox UGC program six months ago and I have not received any updates on my application status. The UGC program is still open because I was able to access the application form. However, when I emailed Roblox support, they informed me that the program was closed.

I’m hoping that someone can provide me with some help. I would like to know if the UGC program is indeed still open and if there is any way to check the status of my application. If anyone has had a similar experience or has any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

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If you have contacted Roblox Support already and they have said it’s closed, then it’s most likely closed. I have read through the official UGC Program thread and I found a post by a Roblox user from the DET (Developer Engagement Team) and this was the last post to the thread:


The most recent post was in January of last year, way before they opened applications permanently. The gentlemen here is curious about the results as it’s been about six months for him since he sent his application (as is the case for many other people) and he would like someone who oversees it to clarify what’s happening.


Wait, so I am only 9 days too late because I have been making a UGC application thing for the last 4 days just to see that it’s closed?


Don’t worry bout that, rereadin the message the UGC applications are stayin open so its fine.


so once it opens again they will read it?


as stated, they are open but will take a while for em to read