Is their a tool that can procedural place down trees on RBLX terrain?

Hello, I’m currently making a PubG remake game but all the trees are mesh and I was just wondering if there would be a faster way of placing down trees than manually placing them. Is there a script executable I can use or a plugin?


Can you script? If you can I recommend not procedurally generating them, but instead making a plugin where you click to place it rather than the fiddle roblox positioning tools.

I second this, as there’s a handful of plugins that do this.

I use this plugin with my trees, you might find this useful

All you do is make sure its a model with a primary part and you are good to go. Click anywhere on the terrain to clone/place!


I’ve written a plugin for this purpose as well.


Ignoring the fact that I’ve worked on that plugin, I second this choice. Easy usage and a quick workflow were the keypoints when developing that plugin. It requires no set up and after toggling the plugin just pick a model and you’re good to go.


Not related, but your island looks a lot like Iwo Jima.


Cant you just raycast down from an overlooking part with random coordinates, run some checks on the touching terrain, and then place down a tree at an angle based on the voxels if the voxel is of a terrain type in a table?

I managed to use a model placer with random rotation and offset values applied.

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Using a model placer plugin is the way to go. Your job as a programmer (I assume, you are talking about procedural generation after all) is to solve problems. Your problem is you want trees. Therefore, just use a placer. Much faster than figuring out procedural generation.


On a side note, the old default terrain generator from 2ish years back had a hidden vegetation feature in the source code that did a really good job at clustering points for trees together depending on environment.

That tool was awesome, it even let you draw where you wanted mountains to be and lots more options. Shame it all disappeared in the new versions. (I have a backup of the old plugin :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Any chance you could share this please?


Yeah, please post it.

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I’ve made a plugin especially for that stuff. I am adding new features soon too.

Grab my plugin here

dies your plugin still work? can’t seem to get it to work

Yes it does still work. I’ve recently updated it too.

Also Models require a PrimaryPart

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