Is their a way I can make a weapon that players can get without it being a tool?

Hello! Im currenting making a game cald Children Brawl yes, quality content

Do you enjoy seeing children brawl

So for the characters that you play as, their little nubblies can’t hold tools, Is their a way I can fix this or possibly make it so that they can use tools and pick them up?


One solution would be to set RequiresHandle to false and implement a custom animation for holding/using and a script that welds the tool to the desired limb.

There might be a way to make custom characters compatible with regular tool procedure but I have no idea.

Weld it to their hand, and if you want to make the tool usable, add an attribute to check whether or not it’s equipped.

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but how would I make the player can equip and unequip it without having it its parent’s class as a tool?

and how would I animate it?