Is their a way to fix the auto lock player glitch?

Im having an issue like other developers were when the player joins, their sometimes already in shift lock and cannot get out of it.

Is there any possible way to fix this glitch? as it’s really annoying.

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if you are on windows, just press the windows key and go back into the client. works for me.

Does this bug occur in test mode, play mode, or both?

If shift lock is automatically enabled on join there may be some sort of script changing player camera settings. I have never had this problem before… :astonished:

If it’s not due to any sort of script, try reinstalling the client or Studio.

Thanks for the reply,

No their isn’t any script, this happens in many games actually. It occurs in both testing and play mode.

Im not looking for how Im supposed to fix this for myself, I want to fix this glitch for all players with just a simple script without telling them.

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This seems to be an issue regarding your device. Try reinstalling Studio and the client to see if that helps.

As far as I’m aware, this is not a widespread issue and cannot be fixed with a script (Especially since most users simply do not face this issue)

Its probably just not been brought up on the forum much then, cause In competitive games, I see it a lot.

i dont think it can be fixed with a script, it’s probably a roblox problem.

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