Is there a API to delete a gamepass?

Is there a API to delete a gamepass? I tried to use one but it did not work.

Do you mean delete from the player’s inventory, or from the actual game? I don’t think games or APIs have enough access for this.

It’s also pretty dangerous to have an API like this. If someone were to hack in your game they might be able to delete any gamepass they want.

You can use the ‘delete-from-inventory’ API endpoint.

if you know javascript, you can use noblox.js and it has a api to delete gamepasses

but i suggest using @Forummer post

nope python, however i believe i have found a solution.

i get status code 403 each time, i am doing everything correctly, not sure what the issue is.

Game passes have a different endpoint. You can press Ctrl+Shift+I and press the Network tab in the browser, then try deleting any gamepass and it should show you the endpoint and all the headers and data passed to the request

ive tried, Do you know maybe what i should search? in the network search bar.

You shouldn’t really need to use the search bar, every request is listed in order that it was made. Just wait for everything to load in so the request list isn’t getting spammed with images or whatever is loading, then delete the gamepass and the request data should appear at the very end. The request should be to I believe

i think i found it, and the problem was once it auto refreshed the page it cleared all my logs, However i paused it before it fully refreshed so i believe is the correct endpoint, im gonna give it a try.

That should be the one

p.s. you can make all the logs stick after refresh if you tick the “Preserve log” box on Chrome (“Persist Logs” on Firefox)

Do you know how i could get all the required headers? i thought it was just the cookie and csrf token but i seem to still be getting 403 error. Im a bit new to api request just trying to learn as much as i can.

All you should need is the cookie, csrf token, and application/json content-type. Make sure your cookie, csrf, and request body are correct