Is there a better knockback system other than BodyVelocity?

As the title says, I was wondering if there was a better way to do knockback other than BodyVelocity since for some reason to me it just feels really weird.

You can use :ApplyImpulse on the humanoid root part. But make sure force his hgh or it wont


I apologize but how do I use this?
There’s not much coverage and the DevForum at least from what I’ve seen.
I know it’s a Vector3 but I’m not sure on how to use it


Applyimpulse is not a valid member of Part HumanoidRootPart

This may help

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I suppose you are using a local script then? yea change it to a server script.

Negative, I am attempting to apply it in a server script. Am I not able to apply it to the HRP in a server script?

You put :Applyimpulse, but you need to use :ApplyImpulse. Capitalization always matters.

It says that if a part is owned by the server it needs to be a server script. But the players character is always owned by the player, so you need to use a local script.

Change it to :ApplyImpulse and move it to a local script.