Is there a better way to do this? | 3D MODELING

Hey, so I’m trying to import my character model from Blender → Studio & bring the texture along with. I watched a YouTube video which told me to:

Turn Path Mode onto Copy and click the little squares next to it, then export it as a .fbx file.

However, when I do this and import it to studio, this is what happens:

It only brings the eye textures with, but it’s supposed to bring all these with too:

Any idea’s on what I’m doing wrong? Or is there an easier/simpler way to do this that I haven’t found? Any help is appreciated, I’m really stressing out over this lol.


Are all the other textures being saved before exporting?

I’m not sure. How should I check? I’m not very familiar with Blender.

There should be a * beside Image when there are unsaved changes


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Is it normal for this to be all black?

No that’s not good, are you sure you have the right texture selected? for the right part?

Can I just select the whole model? That’s what I’ve been doing, but it’s still just showing up as black. This model I have is from Sketchfab, not sure if that makes a difference. It did not come with a texture file.

I think you can select the whole model. I’ve never made anything that complex so I don’t know any more than i’ve said. Also never exported from Sketchfab so not sure. Just sit tight, someone more experienced will come here and help you eventually. sorry I couldn’t solve.

It’s ok, thanks for the help that you gave.

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Still looking for help on this if anyone knows how to help me with my problem…