Is there a better way to get trade/message notifs sent to phone

Over the past couple days I’ve messed with selenium and just had a script that keeps rechecking the trade amount in the background. Once it finds a new trade it sends a post request to the Pushover api and sends me a notification to my phone.

Before I move on and try to do this with messages (messages that aren’t about trade requests), I want to know if there is an easier way to do this.

Edit - Preferably in python

I am not too sure what you are doing as you’ve left out a ton of details. I am guessing you are trying to receive notification for trade request on your phone.

So your current method is a script that continually refreshes a web page and checks for any updates? If it’s something like this, I don’t think you have any alternatives but to just poll the page repeatedly.

It doesn’t seem like ROBLOX provides any sort of web hooks. List of web APIs | Roblox Wiki | Fandom, GitHub - matthewdean/roblox-web-apis: List of Roblox web APIs I quickly searched through the trades web API and I couldn’t find anything to prevent polling. It seems like their documentation is also all over the place…

I do think you may be able to cut out selenium and use ROBLOX’s web API which should reduce some overhead. I don’t know if their API provides the information you need.

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