Is there a difference between R6 and R15 Humanoids?

The title sums it up; is there a technical difference between R6 and R15 humanoids?
I’m not talking about body parts and accessories, but rather physics, character movement, performance, etc.

I want to make a smooth custom character controller using R6 characters, but I’m not sure if R15 would be better to use.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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As far as I am aware of, there is no difference between the two in terms of performance (i.e. jump height, walkspeed, player physics, etc.), but animations such as walking would be smoother with R15 characters, due to their arms and legs being broken up into an upper section, lower section, and hand/foot.

Therefore, if you want better/more control over animating smoothly, R15 is the way to go, but if that doesn’t really matter to you, you could use either.


There shouldn’t be a difference between the actual Humanoid instance nor should there be engine-level performance enhancements. R6 and R15 are just physical rig differences (in other words, purely aesthetic).

In terms of properties and performance not really. All the programming is the same for both R6 and R15 Humanoid.

The main differences between the two types are the number of body parts. 6 and 15 respectively, and the only main difference between the two is the animations. R15 is much smoother compared to R6, however is much more complex and takes more time to animate.

The main thing is choosing what you want to work with. Are you aiming for more detailed and realistic movements, or simpler movements with less limbs/realism.

In my personal opinion I think R6 looks nicer, it’s far easier to animate, and while some people can make very nice and fluid R15 animations I’ve personally found that most R6 animations look nicer.

Again, I am not trying to say R15 animations are bad, infact, R15 animations are much more capable due to all the extra joints and are therefore more advanced.

It’s personal preference, there is really nothing “better” between the two. :slight_smile: