Is there a faster way to list all keys from a DataStore?

I’m creating a kind of “SandBox” to duplicate all of my game’s DataStore, so I can debug and change player data without changing their actual data.

To list all DS keys I use DataStore:ListKeysAsync.

But I noticed that it is VERY SLOW, that is, it takes ALMOST 1 SECOND for each key.
That means if I want to duplicate 1000 keys, it can take up to 1000 seconds.
I ask: is there any faster way to read all keys from a DS?

How are you using ListKeysAsync? We need code to assist you with such a specific issue, not just a question.

Like the sample provided inside DataStore:ListKeysAsync

Okay then, since I have never touched ListKeysAsync, I’m not entirely certain if the provided example on the wiki is efficient or not. But either way, I would like to know what your reasoning behind needing to make an entire copy of your datastore is.

It seems quite counter intuitive to do this at all, from where I stand.
But please do elaborate on what exactly the purpose of it is, I’m honestly lost on the logic behind it.

Edit: And as for speeding it up, that’s unlikely to happen since it has to call GetAsync() for every key.

The explanation is in the first paragraph of the OP.

i took a look at some of the messages and it mentioned using getasync for each key after listing them. in that case you could use spawn() or a coroutine for each value to load each key individually. this might create some performance problems, but there should be a way to fix that

edit: i’m a little late