Is there a good way to continuously generate random numbers?

Right now I’m just using this and it works. Is there any other way to generate new random numbers for the variables other than redefining the variables every time?

	if Game1.Value == 1 then
			local BrickNumber  = math.ceil(Timer.Value/50)
			DanceFloor.Parent = workspace.Stage1
			fart.Parent = workspace
			fart2.Parent = workspace
			fart3.Parent = workspace
			fz = math.random(-47,51)
			fx = math.random(-101,-5)
			x2 = math.random(-101,-5)
			z2 = math.random(-47,51)
			x3 = math.random(-101,-5)
			z3 = math.random(-47,51)

			fart.CFrame =,2,fz)
			fart2.CFrame =,2,z2)
			fart3.CFrame =,2,z3)
			DanceFloor.Parent = nil
		until Game1.Value == 0
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nevermind… i forgot i could just put math.random() in the

I don’t understand what you mean, but you can just do

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