Is there a library for "rbxasset://textures\\" or something?

So, I’m making a toggle icon for mouse but then I came with a problem to revert it back to its original icon id.

Its cool if you have the asset url for the default mouse but is there a library or link for some available icons?


There is indeed a library, and better yet, it’s on your computer!

Press the windows key, then type %localappdata%\Roblox\Versions then select one one of the folders until you see the Roblox player executable, then finally click content then textures and you’re there!

(I can provide pictures if you need.)

I got the folder location of that by doing Open file location of the Roblox App Shortcut on my Desktop, now my problem is how to implement it via proper rbxasset url?

also, I dont know if some of those are gonna work or not.

Everything in that folder works.

"versionFolder~\content\textures\advancedMove.png" -> rbxasset://textures/advancedMove.png
"versionFolder~\content\textures\ui\PlayerList\CharacterImageBackground.png" -> rbxasset://textures/ui/PlayerList/CharacterImageBackground.png


If it makes it easier you can follow the gifs if you on windows.


So, I tried it and it works perfectly well. Thanks for helping me. :smiley:

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Thank you for the gifs! Luckily he said he found it already, but this will help anyone else trying to find it!

Yep, before I posted this topic I searched first in this forum and I found one and its not solved yet, so I make new ones. I hope someone who had this problem can see this. Thanks for the help! @MrLonely1221 @SillyMeTimbers