Is there a limit for bindable events just like the remove events?

Hello everyone,

I’m making a tick system as shown in This Post,

someone suggested to use bindable events but I want to know if there is a limit for bindable events like remote events. If so what is the limit? I’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything

Spamming RemoteEvents will result in lag for the client, spamming BindableEvents will result in lag for the server.
There is no limit, until the server gets extremely laggy or players can no longer player.


and how much bindable events per second is considered “spamming the server”?

I mean I would say one every frame could already be quite hard to handle. Instead I suggest to use 1 server to handle everything or use ModuleScripts.

Another example could be instead of having a randomTick each time have 1 randomTick, which decides how long you should wait until you have to update one specific crop.


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