Is there a max file size for a place and if so what is it?

I recently decided I wanted to make an open world game and made a terrain with a size of 32000x32000 and with a height of 2000. Once I had made the empty terrain, I attempted to save to roblox only for the output to give me an error saying that the publish failed. I could only save to file. i suspected it may have been file size which was around 400mb and I don’t know if this is why i can’t publish it to roblox. If the problem is file size then the only way I can think to fix the problem is to make the terrain smaller

This is the only related article I could find about your question. You’ll most likely have to reduce the size of terrain.

Also try restarting studio, because I don’t think 400mb is the limit.

I’m pretty sure 100 mb place file size is the limit, as that’s the limit I’ve always been prevented from publishing the map to roblox.