Is there a plug-in to upload Models to Roblox?

I have recently been trying to upload Roblox models the traditional way, but every time I do it keeps failing, Instead it shows me what’s on the image below.

I have uploaded huge models into Roblox before, however this time, I’m attempting to upload this (Below)
I have uploaded many types of these models before too, even bigger, however for some reason I am not able to upload this one, I have tried many different wifi’s with fast upload speeds and no luck, I had two friends also attempt to upload it for me (One of them recalls attempting 30 times) and none of use has been able to upload it, It’s a fair model with around 3,000 parts, We have surely uploaded considerably bigger models into Roblox selection before… Traingle count has been lowered to 0 too, this is because Collision Fidelity has been changed to “Box”

Any recomendations on how to fix this problem? Are you having it too?


I have had this problem occur to me, but normally hitting the “Publish” button a second time solves it, have you tried that?


Yup, and it has been fixed normally after 1-2 times, however this time I have been trying for around a week, with different friends on different computers and none of us has been able to upload it… I have tried at least 20 times, while one of my friends told me he tried 30 consecutive times. :frowning:

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Although I’ve never encountered this problem before, I would suggest trying to split the model into sections and uploading it to the site like that.


Also, there are no plug-ins that allow you to upload models to Roblox. That would require access to stuff within the Roblox website / platform itself, and plug-ins don’t have access to that type of stuff.

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What I’m trying to do is to upload it all as one so that players can spawn it all at once in-game like we usually do

The next best thing I can tell you to do, is to copy the model in the game/file you’re in and paste it into another open game/file.

I don’t know if this would work, but what would happen if you scaled down the model and then tried to upload?


What do you mean “to 0”? There is always some triangle count when dealing with 3D objects/meshes. And Collision Fidelity has nothing to do with triangles/shape of those objects. It just picks a different collision setting.

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