Is there a property to manipulate the "weight" of a part's shadow?


It’s much easier to explain with these screenshots:

So in the first image the shadow is clearly lighter. That’s the shadow of the part normally. Honestly I’m not worried about the gaps in the shadow, I’m just trying to find a better way to make it darker. To get the darker shadow in the second image, I just duplicated the part 3-4 times. This isn’t too inefficient for the size of the map, but the part is a bunch of unions and the base part is a sphere so it’s pretty tri-heavy and I just wanted to know if there’s a better way to make the weight “heavier” in terms of shadows.

If not I think that should be an added property because as it is right now, two things determine a part’s shadow weight:

  1. The thickness of the brick between the location of the sun and the bottom of the brick
  2. (Given how I was able to make the darker shadow) How “dense” the part is? It’s just that there’s no real property to change this “density” directly so duplicating the same part multiple times produces that effect.

EDIT: And yeah I already thought about putting another part above the area where I want the shadow, but this is a shooter game where players can look up so I don’t want them seeing some giant floating part for a shadow.


To your question: no, such property doesn’t exist yet. But I might’ve found a hacky solution:

This isn’t very performance friendly (and I haven’t tested it yet), but remember that Glass material doesn’t render anything transparent that’s behind it?
What if you’d scale your “shadow” brick above the area appropriately, so it casts a shadow you like, then set it’s transparency to 0.001? Next you’d build a “cage” around it, which would be of 0.999 transparency, and then change it’s material to Glass.
I’m very interested if this would work.
If collisions will be a problem, Collision Groups exist.


Create a point light which emits black.


That does literally nothing.


Oh rip you’re correct! Pretty sure that use to work :thinking:


lol I’ll probably test that just to see if it works, but like you said it doesn’t sound very performance friendly and it takes a lot more work than just duplicating the part a few times. Sounds interesting though


Pretty sure that never worked and had never the right to work with Roblox lighting engine.


Roblox Staff has told users not to rely on the transparency rendering bug with glass, so that method would not be useful.