Is there a simple way to get the global orientation axis for a part?

Looking for a way to get a part’s global Y axis orientation globally. No matter how rotated it is on other axis (x and z).
Let’s put it in this way:

  • I don’t know on which side the part is laying, or how much it is rotated.
  • I need to know is the amount of degrees the part is rotated on GLOBAL Y axis

Visual example:

So as we can see, the cube is flipped over. if i just do Part.Orientation.Y, it would give me a wrong number, since it’s cube’s space and it is once again flipped over. So i’d need to find the rotation of the red one (X, axis) with out knowing it is actually X axis.

I suspect there may be a special method in CFrame class for this, so I’m wondering if there’s any. Any help appreciated!

get the CFrame property of the part.

it’s been 11 months and I’m replying