Is there a simple way to make all of the new 2022 materials into Material Variants?


I’m attempting to port all of the 2022 materials into material variants, as I don’t quite like ALL of them.

I’m getting the materials via exporting a part with the new material and taking the image files.

I’m getting 3 files.
a diff, normal, and spec map.


The square on the left is a material variant with the 3 files from above, the square on the right is the native 2022 material. The goal is to have the square on the left look exactly like the square on the right.

The material looks good, but the colors simply aren’t correct. As the material doesn’t have a color map(it didnt have one when I exported it) I think that it shouldn’t need one as I want to be able to dynamically change the color to whatever.

Here’s how I’m importing it into Roblox(via the material manager).

Color map is blank(pretty sure it should be)
Metalness map has Part1_Spec
Normal map has Part1_nmap
Roughness has Part1_diff

Am I missing something? The material simply doesn’t match how I want it to as shown in the image above despite both parts sharing the same properties(asides the material variant).

Simply enabling all of the 2022 materials is not an option as I don’t like a majority of them.

Can’t you just copy the ids from Materials | Roblox Creator Documentation and put them in the correct place? (like normal map id goes into the normal map url). That worked for me, and I think it’d be easier than what you’re doing now. Also, I think it was the color map that was making it look different.

Did not know documentation for this existed! I’ll try this out!

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This isn’t a perfect solution, however, it is far better than how I originally did it. Thanks!

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What’s wrong with it? I’m curious, as I plan to do the same thing you’re doing too. (making material variants of 2022 materials)

materials such as the new bricks don’t have the same color thing between the bricks.
Not all of the materials are as bad as the bricks, most of them look similar enough(the color looks a bit different though).

regardless, it’s a lot better than what I was doing.

Here’s the model I just published with all of the 2022 material variants(asides force field, glass, and neon).

Simply paste all of the contents of the model into the material service and ungroup it.

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ohh, I see what you mean! also, thanks a ton for the model! it’ll save me some time :smiley:

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