Is there a simpler way to select GuiObjects in the explorer?

Hello everyone, hope you’re having a great day/night.

Is there an easier way of selecting multiple things with the same name in the explorer.

I know that you can select multiple things holding shift;
but that’s if they’re close together.

Eg. I would like to select all of the frames named “BottomFrame” but I don’t want to manually click on all of them with the ctrl key and I can’t use shift to select all because I will also select the parent.

Thank you in advance, apologies if I put this in the wrong category.

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I have a lot of frames named BottomFrame I would like to select, so it’s not really worth while selecting all of them. There’s a lot.

maybe post in feature requests

I don’t believe there is a way to select GuiObjects without the parent being selected. The best way I can think of is to manually select them one by one. I would check for a little better method but unfortunately I don’t have access to my laptop currently.

Run this in the command bar:

local sel = game:GetService("Selection")
local tabl = {}
for i, v in ipairs(game:GetDescendants()) do
    if v.Name == "BottomFrame" then
        tabl[#tabl] = v

This should work.

I tried it but it doesn’t do anything.