Is there a (ToS-abiding) way to import sets from other games

What are you attempting to achieve?
I’m an armature animator who seeks to use the models within games on the platform to create animations related to such games.

What is the issue?
I have been unable to find a consistent way to import said maps and models into my own studio.

What solutions have you tried so far?

  • Attempted to use toolbox, however results were inconsistent and not always what I was looking for.
  • Tried to model the places myself, however it was time consuming and the scaling was always off

I’m also a bit unsure if what I’m doing/trying to achieve is even allowed by the ToS. If it isn’t please inform me.

It sounds like you are ripping game assets. That’s not allowed in any form.


No. Only if owner of that game uploaded some stuff from his game to toolbox.

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