Is there a tutorial on roblox lightsabers that can Deflect Blaster bullets?

is there a tutorial on roblox lightsabers that can Deflect blaster bullets ?
i have been looking all over yt and this website and cant find anything on this but im probably just being blind…
basically im trying to learn how to do this so i can incorporate it into a future game project based on starwars and im stumped. please, if theres any help with a video resource or written text tutorial on how to script this it is IMMENSELY apprecieated !

also i dont know if this is the proper section please go easy on me…

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If your lightsabers have blocking just check for that and make it just deflect.

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that sounds more complicated than you say …

just make the projectile go i the opposite direction when it hit the blade

Its not at all actually, the most difficult part would be the lasers bouncing off. Just have a value set to true or something when they are blocking. This tutorial will help you out a LOT with the lasers bouncing off. Creating a bounce part to bounce off floor and walls (I haven’t really read through it much. But it does have the math you might need.) Edit: Also check out this one, I think it will be a lot easier to read through. How to reflect rays on hit

Just wanted to Reply and say im thankful for your input and everyone elses as well with this ive been able to Learn more about Rbx Studio :smiley: