Is there a way I can have a base place copy over into other places within the same game?

Hi all,

I am currently making a new game, where I intend for there to be single-player and multi-player options. I would like for these options to be two separate places under the same game, so badges, monetization, advertising, CCU numbers, etc. are all merged making it easier from a dev standpoint.

One of the issues I am having is figuring out an effective way to set this up. Obviously, the single-player and multiplayer versions are going to pretty much have all the same stuff, with some differences. The weapons, map, many of the scripts, etc. will be the same between the two - meaning, I will have to be very careful that when I update something in one place, I update it in the other as well.

Is there a way that I can create a place under the game, that serves as a template that would be imported into the single-player and multiplayer versions? This way, I could just edit the common features/things in the template place without having to edit two places at once. For things unique to the single-player or multiplayer games, I would just edit in there like I would normally.

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