Is there a way i can make meshes without blender

I don’t have Blender, can I make meshes from somewhere else such as Roblox Studio?


You need some software other than Roblox Studio to make meshes.
But you can always use unions instead.

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If you use windows and you can’t run or get blender you can use paint 3D.

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You’re able to use other 3D modeling softwares like Maya, though you’re not able to make meshes in studio. Beware that most other softwares do charge real life money to use.

There are a lot of softwares, but if you mean ‘Can I create meshes on roblox?’ No. You will need another program to create meshes, although blender is a very good software and I would reccomend it, since it’s free. There are a lot of other programs out there, a quick google search would give you a bunch of results.

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