Is there a way I can make the screen kind of watery and other FX (example is shown)

So, I would like to make the camera distorted like this.
(It’s a little gorey but its just pixels.)

Not sure how I would do this maybe invisible water terrain or something but I might not be able to. Any help appreciated.

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you could do the gif method with textures and uv offsets

Sadly Roblox is very limited when it comes to post-processing effects :frowning:

The best you can do for this is to kinda change the FOV and maybe wiggle the camera rotation slowly.

If you want to go for the distortion effect you can make a mesh of a wavy plane and import that and make it a transparent glass material part. Transparent glass material can distort objects behind it so this is your best bet, however the effect only applies on graphics quality 8+.

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This is what I’m trying to achieve but I can’t get the part to stay inside the camera properly