Is there a way of adding a trail to particles?

I want to make that particles from particle emitter have trail.

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I don’t think doing this is possible, though, you can replace the particle with an invisible part that emits the particle and add a trail in the part

Do you mean something like this?

(This can be done by modifing the “Squashed” property and changing the orientation to VelocityParallel)

yeah but there also needs to be a particle or a star or something on the end of the squashed particle. not to mention the “trail” has to act like a trail i’m not entirely sure on what hes tryna do

Yea then thats not possible. You have to make a part and then do some physics on it or you can see this topic: Particle Emitter +. I won’t recommend doing what he does as it’s.
A) Impractical and B) Extremely laggy.

not exactly impractical. i’d say it’s pretty cool but i agree only with the laggy part. he could use bezier curves or alot of coding for this

I agree but it still is impractical. Though in my view that’s the only way to get trails on particles. Or you can wait 100 years or so until roblox adds them. : p

Literally had this exact problem, if you want to fix it, change the “drag” setting inside of properties, it should work. Normally 0.5 is good.