Is there a way to add a script to multiple blocks at once?

Hey there developers,

I’m recently working on scripting a save-spawn block for an obby and I was wondering if there is a way to add 1 script to let’s say 250 of the same block at once. Just trying to find a faster way than having to go through the labor of having to copy and paste the same thing many times over again. I do know I can just copy the entire model/block with the script in it but that would still require copy and pasting it over 250 times for each save-spawn point.

I look forward to hearing your feedback!

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What’s the code? You can simply loop through what you need to, check if the instance is a ‘block’, and run that code for it.

This should help you manually

Oh, I’m not sure why I did not just think of that lol. I’m not sure why I did not just make 1 script to loop it. Thank you!

You can use a loop, which can repeat itself, repeat under a specific condition is met, or loop through each thing in a table.

Thank you for your feedback! I guess I just had this vision of using the same script for each block in my mind I forgot I could just make 1 script to loop for all of them.

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