Is there a way to add curves to a beam on the X axis?

I’m trying to create a move from an anime called Naruto. It’s called the Shadow Manipulation Jutsu. The user basically manipulates their shadow like in the image below (minus the shadows lifting off the ground)

This is the default position of the beam and I have to rotate the parts that the attachments are in so it’s flat


I tried adding curves to it in the beam settings but it only seemed to create a curves on the Z axis and not the X axis. Is there a way to add curves to the X axis or is all hope lost?

You may be able to do this if you rotate the attachment itself.

I just tried that, when I then went to change the CurveSize0 and CurveSize1 it did the exact same. :^(

Guess I’ll make it a feature request if I ever become a full member.

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You can only slightly make a curve in the beam if you off-set the parts to not directly face eachother and flip one of the parts on it’s top.

Played around with the beams for a while and this is what I got.

Image from Gyazo

I don’t really remember the exact details on how I achieved this effect.


I guess I’ll play around with beams more.

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