Is there a way to blur a viewport-frame?

Question is all in the title, is there a way to blur a viewport frame?

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No, but you could always blur everything then put a viewport frame over that blur. May I ask why you wish to do this?

not really, it seems like post-processing effects only work on the main camera for now

Viewport frames aren’t affected by the game’s lighting settings, I don’t think.
The reason I need it is because I’m using viewport frames in my game’s main menu and I’d like to blur the scenery in the frame.

What I mean is blur the entire game using BlurEffect, and put a ViewportFrame over it.


Otherwise, you could use Neon parts but I don’t know if you’d prefer that.

Other than all these other methods, I don’t think it’s possible. Yes, I realize that they don’t use the game’s Lighting settings, but I don’t think there would be any other way.

Wouldn’t you just put a BlurEffect in ViewportFrame.CurrentCamera?


Arent post processing effects placed in the lighting service

PostProcessingEffects are not supported in viewport frames.

They can also be placed in a camera, yet they don’t work in a viewport.

They don’t work in viewport frames.

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The viewport frames are overlaid on an opaque UI so that wouldn’t work.

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