Is there a way to change models position

I am trying to duplicate the local character so then I can use it to customize it and then set the main character as it when the player is ready but I need to move the players character to a certain position for it to show on the screen and I don’t really know how to


To move a model’s position you can use Model:MoveTo(Vector3 position).
Alternatively, if the model has a primary part you can use Model:SetPrimaryPartCFrame(CFrame cf)

If that’s not quite what you’re asking let me know.


To alter a model’s position, you’d want to move it’s PrimaryPart.
A good example of this would be how characters can be moved by changing the position of their HumanoidRootParts.

You can assign a part to be a model’s PrimaryPart by editing the PrimaryPart property of the model.

If you would like more information on PrimaryParts, feel free to check out the official documentation of them.