Is there a way to change the terrain color while keeping the blades of grass the same?


In the image, I want the blades of grass to be green while the earth beneath it remains dark brown. Is this possible?

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Unfortunately, no. Not any solutions that I know of. Grass only remains on grass and unless there’s some sort of fancy script (which I highly doubt) does the trick, it will remain the same.

Alternatively, you can try a MeshPart, if you wish to remove the Decoration feature of the grass. For instance, here is the new grass I use for my games:

Maybe try something like this out, and you might end up liking it more than the regular, dull grass blades that Roblox provides you with.

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Does that impact performance too terribly?

While it depends, it can have an impact on weaker devices, so use at your own caution. It runs perfectly fine on my computer, and my CPU as well as GPU is certainly not the best. I have yet to estimate the actual triangle amount and test it on different devices. My meshes are low-poly, so that might be the actual reason as to why.

Just be careful, and if you don’t want to, that’s fine. My game is mostly intended for higher performance devices anyway.

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