Is there a way to check if a user is in a group externally

I’m not particularly sure if i posted this in the correct area of the forum but:

I’m working on a personal C# project that would display basic things about a roblox user by their ID, and i wanted to double check and see if anyone knows of a way to get either a list of groups a user is in or just if the user is in a specific group. At first i tried to get groups via web scraping what groups appear on their profile page similar to how i did to get their profile description. I was testing an old Web api for roblox as well to get this but it doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks, and sorry in advance if i posted this in the wrong area.

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You can use:


to get a JSON list of the user’s groups. Documentation can be found here. More endpoints like that can be found here. I don’t know of any endpoint to get whether the user is in a group or not, but you can iterate through the list of their groups to find out.


Ah, Thank you that works as i need.

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