Is there a way to control an Imagelabel with arrow keys?

I’m trying to remake undertale in Roblox, and currently working on the battle system. In undertale, the monsters “throw attacks” at you, and whenever you touch the “attacks”, you lose health. So is it possible to move like a heart image and whenever you touch the “attacks”, you lose health?

i just didn’t feel like the damage part should be in a different topic and the title would be too long if I included everything lol.

also, don’t worry. I got their permission to recreate it as long as I don’t make any money off of it

Since this is all 2d, and roblox is primarily a three dimensional platform, you are going to have to make a lot of custom mechanics.

To move the ImageLabel with the arrow keys, you can listen for input using UserInputService, and change the .Position of the ImageLabel accordingly.

To detect when a attack or projectile collides with the 2d player, you can use some math to determine if two UI elements overlap.

I will repeat that making a full out undertale style 2d game will be a challenge, especially when it comes to physics and collision detection, but with enough effort it could be done.

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