Is there a way to control the size of the the player avatars in game?

I realized while building today that the dummys that I imported are a lot smaller than my actual avatar model. This is a big issue since the building and door sizes I used are actually too small for my avatar to fit all the way through without hitting the top of doors. Is there any way to control the heigh of the characters to play my game? I know I can create an avatar model and make everyone look the same but I’d rather not do that, and I’d rather not make it R6, so if anyone knows a solution through code that would be great.

Well you could adjust the BodyHeightScale and BodyWidthScale in the Humanoid.

Would that be in the StarterCharacterModel I would have to create?

No, go into the game settings in studio and then avatar, you should see some scaling options there,


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You can manipulate these values from a server script in order to change the players size, and these are added by default so you don’t need to do anything more than modify them.

Edit: You can also modify these by default through the game settings in roblox studio.

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