Is there a way to detect when someone sends/recieves a friend request in-game?

Hello! I’m trying to make a custom leader board and i want to be able to know when the player sends a friend request so i can set the friend icon next to a player to the pending icon!

Any easy methods of detecting friend requests being sent?

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Looking at the API, it looks like this can only be used by core scripts…

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Obv. I don’t have access to a core script so I sadly need something that can be used by normal means.

I think it’s not possible to detect that. The only thing that can detect that are core scripts so I think it’s not possible so far I know.

Here you can see that. And I hope it helped you out a bit.

Found a work around that makes a questionable assumption.

The reason i wanted to know when a request was being sent was to be able to tell the prompt that gets popped up when using StarterGui:SetCore("PromptSendFriendRequest", Who) is accepted or cancelled but looks like (this is the assumption part) that said prompt cant be interacted with until it stops moving completely meaning if i were to create a mathematical copy of its buttons I’d be able to use UserInputService and Mouse position to detect which button the player’s hit!

Yes but I think that would only work for an in game friends list or something. I don’t think you can script to be friends with someone else by clicking something because it might be exploited by some game makers.

Well yes I’m pretty sure even core-scripts can’t send friend requests across games, it wouldn’t make sense. Unless you meant an artificial friends list in which case no you can use StarterGui:SetCore("PromptSendFriendRequest", Who) to make the core scripts create a pop-up asking if the player wants to friend someone which is the “prompt” I’m talking about.

Yes that would breach the Roblox security if you could do this stuff.

I think it’s better if they restrict stuff like that so it keeps the user on Roblox safe

Very sorry, had to edit my reply!

Yeah even if you send like an friend request on the website you don’t see the friend request in-game you’ll only see it in the friend requests thing on Roblox