Is there a way to detect when the player's thumb is actually using the mobile thumbstick?

I have this case where I need something to not happen when the mobile player’s thumb is using the move thumbstick


You could check maybe if the player is moving

So basically I’m making my character tilt on how much there camera move since the last frame, and it should only work when the mobile player is moving there camera but I guess when I move the thumbstick it registers and it tilts the character which is what I dont want

Are you using Mouse Delta as a way to check how much the camera has moved since the last frame? If you aren’t you can still check if they are using the thumb-stick such as how @DataSigh stated, or you could use the GuiService:ObjectsAtPosition().

I’d check if they have touch enabled and if they’re moving, unless you want specifically to check if they’re moving using the thumbstick.

If you want to check the direction the thumbstick is going, you can get the camera’s normalized x and y direction and the move direction’s normalized x and y, and then do a vector2 dot product calculation on them.