Is there a way to disable Characters on Moving Platforms (New Feature)

Roblox recently added a feature that makes roblox characters on moving platforms more smooth. However, I noticed in my game it causes problems with Ladders and Balls. Is there a way to just disable this feature since I don’t need it?

This? No. It’s not an opt-based feature. This is done on the backend.

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Is there any hacky work-around? I specifically want the old feature for my game.

There isn’t; and if there is, I don’t know of one. You shouldn’t rely on hacks either. The change listed above relates to character replication and developers do not have specific replication control outside what is currently offered (e.g. storage services).

Well the reason I’m asking is because In my game there is a monster that eats parts. When a player climbs a building and a monster eats the part, these physics are dragging the player’s character with that part, despite CanCollide being disabled before the part is attached to the monster’s mouth.

This causes the player standing on that part to be sucked into the monster’s mouth and losing the game. The worst part is this seems to happen on the server only, as for the client does not see themselves being dragged, but rather they randomly die out of the monsters reach. It took me a long time to figure this out as it happens in a split-second.

When I say “dragged” I mean they are being moved with the part due to these physics.

Could the problem be caused by the collision property not being checked in live action?