Is there a way to export objects without baking the texture?

I’ve been exporting and importing this .blend file to Roblox Studio for my game (not literally my game). So the problem is, is there a way to export objects without baking the texture. I’ve already tried .fbx which is a file type where it’s automatically imported with textures, but the problem is it’s only gray. Baking the texture is not much hassle, but the total of triangles of this project is over 10k which exceeds Studio’s rule where you can only import below 10k triangles (If you wonder how I imported it, I didn’t joined the objects in Blender). If I’m coloring the objects in studio, it is also a huge work because the project has too much textures. If there is something wrong in importing or exporting or a way to import it to Roblox Studio easily please tell me, I’ll gladly appreciate your help.

In Blender: (I’m trying to bake the texture as you can see, I’ll experiment it first by baking the texture and importing it as .obj file which will most likely not work (I’ll also try cutting it but it’ll also not work since the whole texture is in 1 .png and cutting the project may alter the final product) Edit: both hypothesis did not work)

In Roblox Studio: (I imported it as .fbx file (not joined))

You can contact me on Discord (iamsoarte#2312). Thank you!

I am not that experienced in blender, but i use UV mapping. Maybe you should try that too. I have not had any color import problems with my files that way.

I would normally texture it in blender right the add a mesh part to studio, which you did, and it saved as wavefront.obj right, and make sure you click doubled sided on properties, and you should be good to go!

Now while in blender makes sure you get out of edit mode, then press “A” and then save to WAVEFRONT.OBJ.,. that should work!