Is there a way to find your current camera position in studio?

Title, I want to make fixed camera angles old resident evil style.

I’ve been playing with the fixed camera in studio to find good angles but I don’t know how I would find the camera position values to put them in the script as a cframe.

Here’s an example :

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I believe you could just save variables which would hold all of the different Camera CFrames?

local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera

Camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Fixed

local OldCFrame = Camera.CFrame

--Say you wanted to change the CFrame of the Camera...
Camera.CFrame =

--Then after 5 seconds, you want to change it back

Camera.CFrame = OldCFrame

Do keep in mind though that if you’re wanting to Manipulate the Camera, you’ll have to use a LocalScript & place it somewhere where the client can access it