Is there a way to get a faster loop then RunService events

The title says it all.

Is there anyway I could get a faster looping event then the Stepped, Heartbeat, And RenderStepped events?

I need a really fast loop for my game. while wait() do end is not fast enough, and the RunService events don’t fire if the player lags, and it is also based of FPS.

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You could look at these posts, although it’d kinda hacky to implement it

I’d rather just use Heartbeat or Stepped if you’re handling it server-sided

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Its client sided.

Unfortunately this wont work for me because its doing the same thing multiple times during an event, rather then a event that fires faster.

Thanks for trying to help though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Then no, it isn’t really possible to do so

You’d need to use RunService’s Events, it won’t be exact but it’ll be the most precise you’ll get

Even if there was a way to use a loop faster then what the Events RunService provides, you’ll have to script it in a hacky-way