Is there a way to get a thread active again after a while?

So, you may have threads on the forums like a portfolio that hasn’t been active for a while and replies have been closed.
Is there a way to almost… bump the category back up so people can see it again. It looks very bad when you keep replying to yourself everyday to keep it at the top of the new section. (I don’t do this myself but I see many other people doing it)

That is the dumbest thing you could possibly do. Portfolios aren’t meant to have discussions in them. Once a month bump is alright but dude not everyday .-.


get your friend to drop a reply

There is no official way to ‘bump’ post, yes as you said u can reply to it if you wanna update it. And if you are good enough and have enough clients then you will naturally get replies and bump it. It’s always worth asking a client to leave a comment on ur portfolio and most contractors will agree to!

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Dude, this was on the front page… I didn’t even need to scroll…

AKA “How to throw a friend under the bus”


:wink: If you don’t like that friend its a win win :stuck_out_tongue:

And I kind of meant more get ur friend to say ‘XYZ is a great person to work with, definitely reccomend’