Is there a way to get humanoid to move when moving a model using weld?

I’m using this method. Introduction to Tweening Models
Is there a way to modify this so that players move with the tween?
Currently it looks like this-I would want to move with the walls.

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If you’re okay with the players not being able to walk around, you could always weld the character to the moving model for the duration of the tween. I’ve used that technique for elevators in the past.

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As @ChipioIndustries stated, Simply weld the character, But you should also set the wall’s networkownership to the player if you notice anything glitchy.

Is there a way to do this while letting the player move? Kind of like a rotation velocity with a tweening object.

I don’t believe so sorry. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet.

depending on what’s the weld welding, if you’re welding an anchored object then it will glitch i think