Is there a way to get player 1 player 2 etc?

I need to know if I am able to get a players order on the playerlist for instance if a player was at the top of the list they would be player one. help would be appriciated.

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If you do game.Players:GetPlayers()[1] it will get the first player of the list.

local playerList = game.Players:GetPlayers() -- Returns a list with all the players
playerList[1] -- First person of the list and can be changed.

-- Let's say there are 3 players in the server in the moment this code is activated.
for i,v in pairs(game.Players:GetPlayers()) do
      print(i,v) --[[
                     1 Player1
                     2 Player2
                     3 Player3
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local allPlayerInServer = game.Players:GetPlayers() -- Getting all the players in the server

for i,v in pairs(allPlayerInServer) do
       print("Player "..i.. " is "..v.Name --The names of the player in order

hope this helps

If you’re just trying to get the first player sorted without bias, use above code.
However, if you’re trying to get the top player by a stat bias (e.g. “Points”), you will have to use a script.

--I use LuaU annotation to make code runa bit faster ;)
local players = game.Players:GetChildren() -- Get players
local top_player:number,top_player_score:number = 1,0 -- The index of a player, and the top score

for i:number,v:any in pairs(players) do -- For every player, do:
   local stat:number = v.leaderstats.Points.Value -- Get score, must be a number
   if stat > top_player_score then -- If they have a higher score than the current highest, then
      top_player = i -- Get the player index from table, set it as top player
      top_player_score = stat -- This is the top score

local top_player_instance:any = players[top_player] -- The top player, converted from a number to an actual player object.
print(top_player_instance.Name .. " has the top score in the server, with a score of " .. tostring(top_player_score))