Is there a way to get the Emote Animation IDs?

So, I already know how to obtain the IDs of the default animations, such as /e dance, /e cheer, etc. However, I can’t seem to find the IDs of the R15 emotes that were released somewhat recently. I’ve attempted just putting in the ID of the actual page where you buy the emote, but that doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve also tried looking around the Roblox animation scripts inside of the actual character, and can’t find anything there either. Only the default dances.

If anyone knows the IDs of the emotes, or knows a place where you can find them, it would be appreciated!

You can use InsertService’s LoadAsset function to insert the animation instance into the game for any given emote.


game.InsertService:LoadAsset(someEmote).Parent = game.ServerStorage

Ah. And I’m assuming “some emote” would be the ID on the page where you buy the emote?

Yes, that would be correct. 30characters

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I’m assuming when you said you can find the default animation you mean the localscript that goes into StarterCharacterScripts. What I do when I need an Id is add a line to print the ID where the emote has to be played. So when ‘/e animationName’ is messaged in the chat the ID would be outputted and the animation would be played.